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Your employees aren’t the only reps of your brand. Make sure the individuals employed by your contractors and vendors are protecting your organization, too! Luckily, our vendor screening program makes it easy for you. Comprehensive & speedy background screening solutions to fit your needs Acquiring top talent in the healthcare industry is competitive. However, costly malpractice suits and strict government regulations call for excellent risk mitigation and compliant hiring practices. That’s why

Greek Life Organizations

Background Screening that’s an Extension of Your Brand Protect your campus and your GLO’s reputation with comprehensive background checks Your background check vendor is more than a search engine for criminal history checks – they’re an extension of your sorority or fraternity’s brand. It’s more important than ever to fully vet your recruits. That’s why you need to make solid, compliant decisions the first time. With decades of experience and an FCRA-certified team of experts, we have what it ta

Who Schools Should Background Check

A quality background check for schools needs to cover multiple positions to ensure maximum safety. Considering all the people who filter on and off campus each day, this can be overwhelming to think about. Luckily, there are background screening vendors who know exactly what schools need to have a simple yet effective experience with their background checks. Let’s explore all the different types of people background checks for schools need to screen, plus take a high-level look at what these bac

Designing a Background Check for Teachers

A few years ago, USA Today revealed cracks in the education system by grading the states on their teacher background checks. This report revealed how risky hires sneak their way into classrooms with vulnerable populations – a revelation that undoubtedly concerns parents, teachers, and legislators. We can fix this. The average person will assume it’s the fault of the teachers or the education system. However, the truth is that some schools are required to use the local police department or county

What's Included in Background Checks for Sororities & Fraternities?

Where to Get a Greek Member Background Check

When searching for a background screening provider, make sure to choose one who has a program specifically designed for fraternities and sororities. They should have the industry expertise and compliance knowledge needed to establish a comprehensive, streamlined process for your Greek organization. Often, if you order a generic background check, it will search for unnecessary information. This wastes time and resources. Plus, it could deter potential

How to Correct Form I-9 & Other I-9 FAQs

Form I-9, the method of employment eligibility verification required of employers in the United States, is a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) document that must be completed for all employees within your organization. I-9s are used to verify the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired in the United States. Upon first glance, completing an I-9 appears straightforward and simple. In reality, there is an abundance of potential mistakes to be made that could cost

SMB Cybersecurity Guide: How to Build a Strong Plan Within Budget

According to Coro’s 2022 Cybersecurity Threat Report, cyber attacks on SMBs have increased by 150% over the past two years. Plus, a study by the National Cybersecurity Alliance reveals that 28% of all SMBs in the United States were forced out of business because of cyber attacks in 2021. This means that cybersecurity is no longer a nice addition to your business plan – it’s a necessity. This guide gives you the tools needed to communicate the importance of cybersecurity to decision-makers at you

Upskilling 101: 5 Things HR Needs to Know About Upskilling

It doesn’t have to be expensive

Few companies have enough wiggle room in their budgets to implement costly and elaborate upskilling strategies. Luckily, they don’t have to. Providing a list of free educational resources, utilizing the vast arsenal of videos available on YouTube, and hosting lunch and learn sessions are some of the many options companies have to keep the price of upskilling low (if not free). For businesses that have the resources to budget more towards upskilling, there are ple

Recruiting & Hiring Candidates with Power Skills

Regardless of the role you’re recruiting or hiring for, certain power skills are universally valuable for your company. Here are the 5 most important power skills to hire for:

An employee’s ideas and solutions are only as good as their ability to communicate them. While every job doesn’t require finely polished writing or mastered public speaking skills, any team relies on workers who know how to communicate on a fundamental level. Someone with good communication skills speaks up when they noti

Top 5 Outdoorsy Destinations to Visit in Georgia During COVID-19 Times | Young Atlanta Press

Top 5 Outdoorsy Destinations to Visit in Georgia During COVID-19 Times

Although quarantine has loosened up and places are slowly beginning to reopen, many of us continue to spend minimal time in public to protect ourselves and each other from COVID-19. A majority of students and faculty at Georgia State University are entirely online for the Fall 2020 semester, leaving us with copious downtime. Inevitably, all the time spent at home has left most people feeling stir crazy, antsy, and bored.


The Secret to Finding What You’re Looking For

The other day, I was searching for a scrunchie (the plain ole elastic hair-tie just isn’t doing it for me anymore). I absolutely shredded up my bedroom during the search. I pulled the comforter and sheets off my bed. I ripped drawer after drawer out from my desk, my dresser, my bed-side table. I dug through my closet; I tore all the stray clothes off my floor; I checked every corner of my bedroom and my bathroom. I found many random items of mine that I hadn’t seen in months, but I could not fin